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EveAnna Manley 1st December 2002 05:39 AM

Strangest thing you ever ate
Yeah I am just having fun here...

I have eaten dog, camel, crocodile, and kangaroo.

What is the strangest meal you've ever had?

Kamurah 1st December 2002 06:08 AM

The wife and I became quite fond of Octopus Pizza when we lived in Japan.....

However, at almost 40 bucks a pop.....the delicacy became a "special occasion" sort of entree....:D

And although we liked that one....the Japanese have some really messed up ideas for different foods (that they tend to take for granted)....God bless em!

Had some Kanga too (in Aussieland)...and it really wasn't bad at all (get enough good Aussie beer and wine in me and I'll eat about anything).


groundcontrol 1st December 2002 06:17 AM

A kebab from a street vendor at night in a quaint Peruvian village on the shore of lago Titicaca. I don't have the slightest idea what it was and don't really wanna know either... wworried

BTW, Hello EveAnna! howdy

Curve Dominant 1st December 2002 06:20 AM


I worked in a restaurant once where we made black ravioli stuffed with crabmeat, and we used squid's ink to dye the pasta dough black. We made fried calamari so we always had plenty of squid's ink to spare.

Does that count?

I remember we served it with a sage cream sauce. The black pasta, not the calamari.

Rattlesnake meat is pretty tasty.

Some people think purple potatoes are strange, but they make the best mash potatoes. Take a spoonful of Peruvian blue mashed, top it with a dollop of sour cream and some Ossetra caviar, and you've got a truly yummy side dish for a steak.

Country Stilton might qualify for strange, because it's illegal to sell it or serve it in most places, but it's still a prized delicacy.

I'll try to think of more...back to SNL, Senator McCain is friggin' killin me!

kfledman 1st December 2002 09:26 AM

I never was adventurous enough to try chicken or duck feet at dim sum.......but I tried jellyfish because my 3-year-old neice said it was really good.....
My sister-in-law might have tricked me into trying duck tongues, but I can't remember for sure [she's Taiwanese and a lot of the food she grew up eating I find strange; but some of it is fantastic].

I ate plenty of things that I don't even know what they were when I was on tour with an orchestra in the Far East. The most unpleasant thing was taking a bite out of some pastry-like stuff that ended up having living bugs crawling out of it [I don't think the things were supposed to be like that and I stopped eating them right away...]

The strangest drink that I've never been able to understand the appeal of is celery tonic. However, the "Manhattan Special" which is a coffee soda that I once had to get for Geoff Daking on a session I assisted him on takes a close second to unpleasant beverages.

NYC Drew 1st December 2002 11:28 AM

I'll spare you the 10 page history, but essentially from "plantation days"the owner dudes would eat the choice parts of the animals, and the slave dudes (allegedly my ancestors) would get the head feet, guts etc.

All (food producing farm) animals' feet. Pig, cow, fowl, goat
Goat, cow, pig intestines.
Goat, Cow, Fowl, Pig's head (brains, eye, tongue, teeth etc)
Bull's testicles
Chicken liver

The fruit from which the cashew is borne.

What else? We used to eat mangoes in the dark, because of the worms in them. Didn't taste any different.

NYC Drew

Jules 1st December 2002 12:29 PM

In a Korean restaurant I complained that my soup had a tiny cockroach in it. (I was 70% sure that's what it was) I had put it on the side plate - as 'exhibit A'. Our enchanting Korean waitress was very nice and apologized profusely about it. I then went on to FINISH MY SOUP!
(errr...I did SAY say she was enchanting! mezed)

Frogs legs (I like em) in Chinatown
Horse - in Paris (wont bother trying it again, but it was good, like a watery beefsteak, and very tender)

Back to the grills, I was dating a Korean for 2 years a while back, she liked to eat dog (they eat it on special treat days, like birthdays) I was of the opinion that I could do it.. But then we split up.. And I never got round to visiting Korea.


Lars FM 1st December 2002 01:37 PM

I don't know if it qualified as a meal, but crossing the polar circle for the first time in a Navy ship resulted in some pretty disgusting mixture of food being served to the "first timers"and as part of the "game" you were expected to eat it, well i don't really know what it was, but it was pretty hard mixture to keep down in the stomach.

John-LeBlanc 1st December 2002 03:36 PM


Originally posted by Jules
Frogs legs (I like em) in Chinatown

Being a native of south Louisiana, frog legs were just part of the cuisine. One of my earliest (hunting) memories is of donning the headlight-on-a-forehead band late at night, climbing into a pirogue, and paddling through the swamp frog hunting.

Nothing like finding a "frog" with eyes about twelve inches apart, BTW.

Squid is also part of the local cuisine. Shrimp fishermen return to the dock with all sorts of things that aren't shrimp. Apparently, if if you catch it and cook it before it kills you first, Cajuns are allowed to eat it. As a kid growing up Cajun, this seemed perfectly normal.

As an adult, I think the strangest thing I ever ate (more or less willingly) was octopus tentacle at a sushi restaurant in New Orleans. Since it was my first experience in a sushi restaurant, I ordered omakase (chef's choice), which would have been all fine and dandy, except my chef was the Japanese equivalent to the Soup ****.

I ate lots of things that night I would not have tried even with a gun pressed to my temple, and the octopus was pretty much the only thing I recognized before it was sliced. (Yes, I went back many times. I'm not a complete sushi-wuss.)

John LeBlanc
Houston, TX

MMazurek 1st December 2002 03:47 PM

I grabbed somebody's glass off water while they were away from their desk once.

I thought I'd drink it really quick, and they'd come back and wonder what happened to it. (yes, I know, pretty funny stuff)

Of course the joke was on me, because it was actually the water they used to keep a few roses in (with that little packet of powder to keep the roses fresh).

I expect to live a few extra days more because of it (according to the claims on the little packed).

Fletcher 1st December 2002 03:54 PM

Liz Wasserman... the closer she got to cumming the more bizarre **** she would scream [miscellaneous Monty Python lines... "dog ate my homework" like school excuses... I mean totally unrelated to the event... kind of non-sequitor ****]

Strangest thing I ever ate.

Midlandmorgan 1st December 2002 03:59 PM

Ate a large moth on a dare once...and there was an extra six-pack of beer thrown in if I didn't chew, just swallowed...

That, and skillet-fried rattlesnake are the two strangest things I have eaten on purpose, but God only knows what has slid past my tonsils by accident...

Kendrix 1st December 2002 05:00 PM

Well I too lived in Japan for some time.
Horse meat sashimi ( yeah that's raw) was pretty unusual.
Crocodile sausage in Qweensland Australia.
Snake in broth - Shanghai
Raw Octopus ( this was absolutely the worst)
Black rice pudding - Bali - incredible coconut milk included- yeah the rice was literally all black and had a bit of a unique nutty quality to it- intense dish.
Beef tendons - yeah you read that right - tendons. This was at a restauraunt in Behi park in Bejing. It took one bite to figure it out. It came in an interesting spicy sauce but this was Not For Me.
BTW- did you know that , in Bejing, they eat the head and beak and feet of the ducks when they eat Peking duck? Woooh.

LuvToLaf 1st December 2002 06:06 PM

mezed :eek:
I was in the military and would drive home on weekends, a long way. So I would stop and gas up at this little rattie station, grab some soda's and some munchies from the machines.

About a half hour on the road I reached for a candy bar, opened it and began to eat it. It tasted a little tart, so I turned on the dome light to see just what kind of candy bar it was. Eeeeek! there were little bugs with wings crawling all over the dash coming from the candy.

The candy bar was rancid, so I would have to say the bug's of unknown origin, was the stangest thing I ever ate.

--Hee hee

Jax 1st December 2002 07:41 PM

Re: Strangest thing you ever ate
Although it sounds like something from a Dungeons and Dragons game, I once attempted to eat what would best be called "slime mold": Leek and Aspic (for our purposes, that should be spelled "asspick") Jello. Well, calling it jello would be disrespectful to Bill Cosby's favorite child pacifier. It had no sweetness, it was served warm, and it might have been suited for our ancient, ancient ancestors' nourishment in the form of primordial ooze. I half expected to see a tadpole wriggle to the surface.

Why it was served:

I won't mention any names, but the person practicing this witchcraft on otherwise innocent plants was a friend on the family. She had an inclination for concocting dishes to "impress" (in this case, "bewilder") us all. Well, we all did the best we could to not look disgusted while simultaneously using idle conversation to distract eachother from the plate at hand.

Not good. We still love her, though. howdy

Jules 1st December 2002 10:06 PM

Mescal worm!

Bookerv12 2nd December 2002 02:37 AM

I did eat most of the soft parts from a Manley Voxbox.


XHipHop 2nd December 2002 02:48 AM


Originally posted by Jules
Mescal worm!

Hell yeah, jules!

I've been vegetarian for about 6 years so i haven't experiences any strange animals or anything (i ONLY make an exception for that worm).

Just lots of tofu dishes and fake meat in the form of wheat gluten.

Good times.

Mats Olsson 2nd December 2002 08:42 AM

Does SPAM count?

Jules, have you ever been to a Soho restaurant named "Garlic & Shots"?
Great place to bring clients, they will always remember when you took them there.
They've got the weirdest (yet tastiest) menue, everything reeks of garlic in a sort of dadaistic/surrealistic way. You can even get garlic beer, garlic ice cream and garlic coffee.

To top it off, there are hundreds of different shots, including lizzard shots (an old chinese lizzard in the bottle), Tony Montana shots (too much coke) and the transylvanian blood shot (don't ask...).

When they opened the place, they refused to take credit cards ("cash is king!") and whenever a customer wore a tie it got cut of with a scissors and stapled to the wall by the bikers who tended tables (but they had to stop that "tradition" when someone who wore a club tie from a famous university got really angry).

Bon apetit!


Drumsound 2nd December 2002 09:20 AM


Originally posted by Mats Olsson
Does SPAM count?

Jules, have you ever been to a Soho restaurant named "Garlic & Shots"?
Great place to bring clients, they will always remember when you took them there.
They've got the weirdest (yet tastiest) menue, everything reeks of garlic in a sort of dadaistic/surrealistic way. You can even get garlic beer, garlic ice cream and garlic coffee.


There's a place in San Fransisco That specializes in garlic called the Stinking Rose. It's Great!

For odd food I'd have to say Bear is my strangest. I played a gig where all the food was from a hunting trip.

A couple people have mentioned squid and octopus, I don't think those even count.tut

Jules 2nd December 2002 01:54 PM

Garlic & Shots IS fun, it's a Swedish Rock N Roll restaraunt / bar with a nice back terrace in summer. Frith St.

I should take Fletcher there next time he is in town, (if he hasn't been there already)

Go to Bar Itialia after for an espresso!


Jax 2nd December 2002 08:30 PM

The Stinking Rose makes great food, but it looks like Garlic and Shots has them way beat on the fun factor.

Allen Wrench 2nd December 2002 09:24 PM

I've never eaten anything OVERLY unusual, but I did get a pretty bad sore on my lip 2 weeks after making out with a hooker in Amsterdam.

Oh, just kidding... or am I! wworried

mplancke 2nd December 2002 09:42 PM

Re: Strangest thing you ever ate

Originally posted by EveAnna Manley
Yeah I am just having fun here...

I have eaten dog, camel, crocodile, and kangaroo.

What is the strangest meal you've ever had?

Alligator Pie; Fishbones in Greektown, downtown Detroit. Will I do it again?

Nope. tut


bobulatorm 2nd December 2002 09:58 PM

my housemates experiments... ones i can remember...

peanut butter and mars bar toastie sandwiches (good)
fish finger lasagna (bad)
hula hoops filled with chocolate spread (good)
salad dressing as pasta sauce, with ketchup (um... random)
cheese and curly wurly on toast (um... random again)

more if i think of them...

Jules 2nd December 2002 10:41 PM

So EveAnna, how was the dog?

(and I hereby bag the answer - RUFF!)

I have to say eating deep fried gator in batter (urp!) while looking at a mural depicting a 'jolly gator jazz band' in an Austin Texas restaurant was a new low in my worldwide culinary pursuits.

One person at the dinner ate 48 + raw oysters (on special) and lived to tell the tale. Meg Lee Chin, (Gearslutz Webmistress) who's band was playing the SXSW festival at that time however, made out slightly worse, 36 raw oysters + apple pie + ice cream made her go 'oddly quiet' and she lay horizontal in the 'back of the van' for the rest of the evening while me and her band went gallivanting..


jspartz 2nd December 2002 11:18 PM

In a past life when I drank like a fish (so to speak) we would get minnows from the local bait and tackle shop. So who could could down the most had become the contest. Of course the real winner was the person who would vomit to find the minnows alive and now swimming in the toilet.


Fibes 3rd December 2002 12:05 AM

Nothing unusual:

While living in the woods:

Rattlesnake (and others), squirrel, possum, duck, bark, sap all cooked over an open fire.

While pretending to be chic:

Jellyfish, Uni, ducks feet, cow tongue, pigs feet, chitterlins, and some other stuff.

While at open sea:

Hand carved yellow fin tuna, seaweed, shaken mahi mahi chevice, and wolf fish. really not all that weird but it was caught and eaten on the spot.

Now I don't eat anything but pussy.

EveAnna Manley 3rd December 2002 12:50 AM

Dog tasted rather like goat actually...

Dave Martin 3rd December 2002 01:53 AM


Originally posted by EveAnna Manley
Dog tasted rather like goat actually...
Kinda, especially in tamales...