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TML 16th June 2004 09:24 PM

Digi upgrade question
I'm about to go from Mix plus to HD3. What would you guys recommend for an interface. I'm using a D8B and a Hedd to get into PT at the moment. Was thinking about the Digi 192 IO and keeping one of the 2 Adat Bridges I have. That would give me 8 AD's from the 192 and 2 from the Hedd...the rest would be the board(yuck). Would anyone go with the new apogee unit? Thanks,

natpub 17th June 2004 02:58 AM

Re: Digi upgrade question

Originally posted by TML
Would anyone go with the new apogee unit?

Jury's still out. I would wait a few week if I were you. Several folks seem to be receiving them, and shoot outs are inevitible :-)


denial 17th June 2004 07:30 AM

Re: Digi upgrade question

Originally posted by TML
Would anyone go with the new apogee unit?
I went for the AD/DA16X series although they have not arrived yet. It might be foolish too because I haven't heard them either. I'm also waiting for the HD-X interface cards to start shipping so connection between Accel cards and intefaces can talk.

Personally my hatred for Digidesign and Apple is growing stronger. They make a good product as do other companies but I'm tired of the upgrades. This includes computer and software upgrades too. Waiting for one thing to catch up to the other and the constant push to keep moving forward often seems like I'm not moving at all. Anway I gave Digi the flick as much as I could this time round.

So while I'm still using ProTools and have made the upgrade to Accel 3, I hope another upgrade will not be required for at least 5 years. Bought a brilliant 64 channel console, Studer A824 and Ampex ATR102 and I'm happy as pig in poo.

TML 18th June 2004 08:18 AM

The great apogee converter debate. Hey...I've been using a D8B......anythings gotta sound killer. Actually I use the hedd for all overdubs and bouncing...which I do a ton of since most plugin's suck.

PRS1JAZZ 19th June 2004 03:48 AM

Thats why you should get a jacked up RADAR Nyquist system with a Digi 002. (not saying that the 002 is better than an HD system.... just that the DSP would help on edit) That will make any person relax about the future. kfhkh