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mac black 22nd May 2004 08:31 PM

Took the plunge...
I got PT HD2 accel system+192 interface +G5 2ghz ...

I just spend £18000 and still havent got all the plugins and power i need...
It sounds amazing though...

I use logic but now starting to use PT, Is there any difference in tightness between them? I know that for midi and programming Logic is a winner but it feels like PT is more rock solid on timing issues, are my ears fooling me?


MikeC 22nd May 2004 08:40 PM

Congrats on the purchase, Mac. What version of PT were you using beforehand?


MikeC 22nd May 2004 08:58 PM

Congrats on the purchase, Mac. What version of PT were you using beforehand?


mac black 22nd May 2004 09:22 PM

Thanks Mike,

I wasn't using PT in my studio before...was only using native...(logic plat)

6.4.1 is where I start my PT experience.

I did make a few records on PT before but it was other people's system and i was a bit usless hands on...Logic is my baby but now I plan to master PT as well, it was a long wait but I think it was right move at the right time.

Any ideas about the timing difference between PT and Logic?



Charles Dye 23rd May 2004 07:10 AM


Sorry, don't know the answer to your timing question.

MikeC 24th May 2004 06:00 PM

In noticed a significant improvement in midi timine stability with version 6.x of PT. Haven't really done a test to compare Logic with PT but Logic has always been rock solid so can't say you;d have problems there either. A lot of people knock the midi in PT but I find it ok for most purposes, ie. just recording with you played on a keyboard! And the editing is ok too. It's also a lot simpler to have every running with just one application. If you're used to the MIDI in Logic Plat, you might want to get the Pro upgrade and use it as a front end to PT. Personally, I'm not that fussed and really only use Logic on a laptop.