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Jose Mrochek 17th May 2004 02:51 AM

The School of Rock
5 minutes ago I finished watching the school of rock movie.. and it was great for you guys that haven't seen it, very funny! check it out!

Theres a part that struck me though, it's a part where the teacher gives out CD's to listen at home for homework. And the reason for my post, I thought would be a cool idea to share thoughts on what records would you guys give out as homework to your students. I would :

Pink Floyds "the wall" and "dark side of the moon"
Beatles "Sgt. Peppers"
U2 "achtung baby"

What are your choices ??? kfhkh

Jose Mrochek 17th May 2004 03:03 AM

One more thing...
I want to apologize Charles for posting a thread that is not linked to Pro-Tools, but I think would be very interesting to know the backgrounds of everyone who posts here. Hope you agree, thanks!! howdy

Charles Dye 17th May 2004 03:13 PM

Not a prob.

Inner Light 17th May 2004 06:03 PM

1st four Led Zep albums for sure

steins 18th May 2004 11:16 AM

Back In Black - AC/DC

Stein Tore

adamcal 18th May 2004 12:48 PM

Close to the edge and Going for the one - YES

kieran kelly 18th May 2004 02:54 PM


I like where you are going with that the 3 best "records" from three groundbreaking artists. I like the fact that you see the value of a completed Album statement. I would also add

Bach solo cello suites
public enemy it takes a nation of millions
Miles Davis setches of Spain
Pixies surfer Rosa

Jose Mrochek 18th May 2004 07:05 PM

Yes, Kieran my ultimate life musical goal is to make a concept album that means something. Music is the most powerfull source of comunication sometimes we forget. And the albums I mentioned are the reason I am addicted to music and recording.

I mentioned the U2 achtung baby, because it has the best album intro don't you think? Uplifting like hell. I would categorize David Guilmour and The Edge as the best guitarists of all time. Not because of their "technical ability" but because these two guys have a sound so unique, yet so moving.. that millons, and millons are to this date buying these albums. That I see as true comercial music. I don't think it's only the Labels, or MTV that is to blame.. we need to start thinking about the meaning of music, and what it was originally about. Music is a gift which is best used to comunicate, make a statement and make other peoples lifes better. I brought this subject up, because I had some experience working at a studio where the songwriters and engineers where mixing and writing stuff they would never even buy themselves and that is a sad thought don't you think ? And I think this is happening all over the place. Wouldn't it be better if we all made a stand and said, let's do music WE LIKE, kind of like a strike and boycott the system heh Sorry.. just had to let it out : )

adam_w 18th May 2004 07:30 PM

I felt truly embarassed watching that film..I swear I've _accidentally_ done the whole rock history lesson on more than one poor, poor, lovely girlfriend..but then again, she did buy me the Led Zep DVD for xmas after I watched it with her...

initialsBB 18th May 2004 08:23 PM

Here are some albums I'd slip the kids just before I got fired...
MC5s High Time and Back in the USA
The Fugs First Album
The Stooges s/t, Fun House, Raw Power
The Germs (GI)

That would teach them to ROCK! kfhkh

Jose Mrochek 19th May 2004 02:31 AM

Adam! I with you in that one! The best present I ever received from a girlfriend was the Pink Floyd Echoes "greatest hits". Even though I had all the songs on their original albums, the fact that she understood that stuff was important to me was priceless. heh And now going to extremes, another girlfriend took it a step ahead and blew it, she had a cd in her bedroom , ready to be played.. and as we were about to do the do.. she pressed play, and it was the "wish you were here" album hahaha.. even though she thought it was the greatest idea, it wasn't.. I couldn't concentrate.. my mind would slip off to the music. hahahaha.. boing