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Midlandmorgan 15th November 2002 03:40 PM

Voice Mail In General (See Avalon Link)
Voice mail in general is a 21st century version of hell...I am beginning to believe that software developers actually seek out masochists to design the flow patterns. Recently had to call an insurance company (long story) and after listening to 10 minutes of options was sent back into the waiting queue...I wanted to speak with someone who had a pulse...only to be told by yet another voicemail system that they were closed for the day...

Does any company have a phone number that a human answers anymore? How did businesses operate for 50 years before automated IVRs? What is so hard about people answering the damn phone?

If you'de like to respond to this rant, please call 1-800-570 XXXX, press "1" for complaints, press "2" for suggestions, press "3" to speak to me directly.....

Fibes 16th November 2002 01:35 AM

I hate voice mail. We don't have it and never will. I am however, very surprised by the number of people that are put off when I anwer the phone and say I'll use a pen and paper to relay their message. It's really weird, I'd rather be dipped in **** than have to communicate via an automated digital voice recorder.

I do however like the message that API used to have on their answering machine stating that you could leave a message on the digital machine and were reminded why they are still analog. I think their machine was .0001 bit.

mwagener 16th November 2002 05:05 AM

hate it, hate it, hate it, comes right before telemarketers in hatefactor. dfegad hjghfgg

groundcontrol 16th November 2002 07:47 AM

Re: Voice Mail In General (See Avalon Link)

Originally posted by Midlandmorgan
Voice mail in general is a 21st century version of hell...
Actually, it's even closer to the Purgatory I find... hjghfgg

NYC Drew 28th November 2002 01:16 PM

Re: Re: Voice Mail In General (See Avalon Link)

If you think the audio companies are bad, check out any of the PC manufacturers....

...the worst of the lot the the INS (Immigration and Naturalization Service).

Their number is perpetually busy. I had to call a US Consulate overseas recently to get some info I needed. I ended up going to that country to see the consular officer to have my issue resolved (Monday past...)

NYC Drew

Jules 28th November 2002 01:35 PM

Is not quite so bad in the UK, here you have to explaine the SAME **** to 6 different people in different depts.

Have espresso
Phone utilities company
Freak out!