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TEMAS 15th October 2007 09:56 AM

Recording mono sounds with multiple mics & pres
I was recording my acoustic bass the other day, by blending the mic signal with the D.I signal. Both signals had their own pre, eq and comp and I kept them seperate all the way to the DAW and then blended them at mix stage to taste, which seems the most logical way.

I have been thinking about adding a really nice vibey tube compressor to stick at the end of my recording chain for most mono recordings and it struck me that I'll have to buy 2 of them if I want to continue taking 2 mono tracks on occasions.

One obvious solution is to blend the signals prior to A/D and just send the blended signal to the really high end tube comp, but then I'd be stuck with the mix for better or worse.

This must be a common dilema for mid-level studios with limited outboard when recording bass, guitars, kicks, snares, etc. So I'd be interested to know how you prefer to work with multiple mic mono recording.


tarnationsauce 15th October 2007 10:00 AM

I would use no compression going in.
Then re-print the tracks with the compressor in the loop. :D
That way if you decide later that you want to change compression settings, you're not stuck with what you recorded. Plus you can use the comp on as many tracks as you like.