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tubedude 11th November 2002 07:59 AM

Overheads matching question...
I have at my disposal some fairly decent mics, but the only actual pair I have that are not dynamics are MXL 603's. I have a TLM-103, which I think would produce a cleaner fuller sound on overheads(I'll be runnung through an a couple RNP's as preamps for awhile).
Heres my question: (note that I use and like the recorderman method too)
If I put the TLM-103 over the snare, and then an MXL as the mic to the right over the floor tom, would it screw with my image or anything else? Should I just go with 2 603's? These are my only 3 condensors, but I have a slew of good dynamics, including Sennheiser 441, 421, some Beyers, etc. The 441 will get the snare most times, toms will get Sennheiser 504's all around, and a Beyer ribbon in the kick.
Before you freak, just joking about the ribbon in the kick. It is a beyer though.
Any thoughts?
Anyone else used the RNP for overheads yet? Results?

Fletcher 11th November 2002 02:43 PM

Why would you be joking about the Beyer on the kik? Depending on where you put it, it may very well work very nicely... though I do find myself leaning towards Sennheiser MD-421's and 441's for that application a lot of the time.

As for using 'dissimilar' lg. diaphragm FET condenders for the application you've outlined... it should work OK... experiment and hone your positioning process and you should be able to get some pretty decent results.

Best of luck.