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David-Morpheus 23rd August 2007 01:52 PM

Adam Sub10MK2 vs Sub12
So the question is what to get :)
I have the P11a monitors and want to get a sub because of the limited low-end of my nearfields. My room is pretty small (3,5 x 2,5 m) and I do mainly metal/rock/hardcore music.

Sofar I am more into the 10MK2, i feel the Sub12 would me an overkill for such a small room.

any suggestions ?

David-Morpheus 24th August 2007 03:27 PM

bump jkthtyrt

bleeding ears 15th September 2007 06:27 PM

Get the sub10. My control room is about 5m X 4m and coupled with our P22's it sounds great.
I haven't used the sub12, but the sub10 should be all you need for a small room.

jamwerks 15th September 2007 06:46 PM

Adam subs
I talked to Adam customer support before buying my setup (S2a's + Sub 10). The guy there talk mostly about room size when thinking about the different subs (as well as power of course). For you situation I would think that the Sub 8 would more that do it. Use the saved bucks for other juicy pieces of gear. kfhkhkfhkh