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Jules 6th November 2002 03:08 AM

Sony Oxford compressor plug in for PT
I dig it.

It has a a nice fast release, a satisfying acting attack control & a very good "warming" function.

I havent been TOO deep. But am digging it so far.

It gave me a good 'Gooooosh!' sound on a heavily compressed snare.

I have a WHOLE bunch more mixes to do so I will report more, it's early days yet.


Er... While posting this, I realised the warming function might be a maximizer!!! (DOH!) , I will try it out tomorrow! I am 'mastering'!


Ckevperry 6th November 2002 06:59 AM

Release date , man! We're dying out here!!

etherize 6th November 2002 08:47 AM

How does it compare to your Cranesong St-8?


Cape 6th November 2002 11:26 AM

Mmmmm.......release date would be nice to know.

Also does the warm function 'warm'?

Waiting on this and Echo Farm for HD.

Jules 6th November 2002 12:11 PM

All good questions Yarzzzzzzzzz!

Date? - Dunno I will ask Sony to join us here.

Warm? - yes - warming! + over limit (V fine like .003 from Zero etc etc)

Compare with Cranesong STC - 8 (truth is I haven't learnt to use either yet I have been too busy tracking and have gone straight to mixing)


lnd 11th November 2002 05:56 AM

So Jules has the *great compressor plugin* problem been solved by sony???

e-cue 11th November 2002 05:20 PM


Originally posted by lnd
So Jules has the *great compressor plugin* problem been solved by sony???
Naw, waves did it a while back.

Renie 11th November 2002 05:58 PM

I don't know the Waves compressors but this Sony Dynamics plug-in is the best I've heard in PT. Really high quality expander with it too. It is much more powerful and better sounding than the McDSP Compbank (which I like and normally use), it sounds great on the mix bus too.

CrazyBeast 11th November 2002 08:17 PM

So is this or the EQ available (and for that matter the McDsp stuff) available for RTAS under PT LE? It's hard to tell from the lousy descriptions on their web sites.

The other thing that's been torking me off lately is that every time I try to install a demo plugin that lousy PACE copy protection overwrites my old settings - rendering some of my other plugins unauthorized, and then the thing I installed never works! Then I have to reauthorize, delete the new things, find the corrupt preferences, blah, blah, blah...

I don't run any pirated software, but I swear these copy protections schemes are going to make me do it!!!

I guess that's what I get for wanting to demo Autotune...

unclemurray 12th November 2002 10:31 PM

Sony told me the other day that they're working on LE versions of most of their plugs. The demos will not work in RTAS; only TDM.

Jules 9th December 2002 03:23 PM

Sony Oxford are always tweaking stuff so perhaps that will change one day..