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dexter 6th April 2004 05:20 PM

snare sound
hello Charles,
first of all, congratulations for your work.
now my question...
i'd really like to know how to obtain a long 'cranked' sustain in a snare track, let's say the snare sound of 'in my place' by coldplay.
do you think it's possible to create that in the digital domain?
i have some well recorded drums tracks, in a nice big room (the ceiling is more than 18 feet high) BUT no room mics.. only overheads.
in the coldplay recording i can hear that this kind of snare sound is somehow coming from the room , probably compressed and gated. now i don't have the luxury of another recording... how could i fake that sound? is there any trick i could use ?
am i right in saying that the sustain is from the room mics?

5down1up 7th April 2004 10:33 PM

maybe that helps a little ?

gate the snare sound and add

- spl transient designer
- i guess theres a sony plug which does kinda like the same ?
- the urei 1176 20:1 super fast release
- a limiter can do it , too

add some gated " in time " reverb

kfhkh good luck

shouldnt be that hard , is it ?

but hey , i am not charles heh

kellyd 17th April 2004 05:15 PM

Too bad you don't have a room mic, esp with a large room. Maybe you can do something with a copied OH (eq'd to simul a room). Gate the track and key it with the snare. Everytime the snare hits you get an extra controlled burst of room. Adjust the release to the tempo of the song.

ixnys 18th April 2004 12:32 AM

Just fake a room sound. Copy OH tracks...put a heavy reverb on them, and then smash them with a compressor.