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shipjumper 31st July 2007 11:08 PM

Possible Black Lion Audio Mod problem? Modded Traveler owners out there?
Please forgive me if this post is in the wrong area.

I've determined that the outputs of my BLA modded MOTU Traveler seem to be a little bit low. (and actually a lot 8 db low if you plug them into any gear that is not 'truly' a balanced audio path Ex: Presonus Central Station).

I've spent many hours doing tests, as well as comparing to some other gear in my studio (Manley, Avalon mic pres, ADDA converters by Digidesign & M-Audio, various FX units), all seem to have pretty much the same reference level,..-12db @ +4 reference level test about the same on everything, ....including the INPUTS of my modded Traveler. Its just the outputs, not matter how they are hooked up still reference about 3 db lower than anything else.
Even when I sent a test tone out and then back into the Traveler itself. Still low.

Has anyone out there actually measured the output level of their Traveler? Either modded or NOT modded. I'm just trying to get to the bottom of this issue. Let me also add, that I'm am pretty familiar with all the various signal level and routing controls of the Traveler, Cuemix, and Motu Audio Setup software, and can confirm that all is set up correctly there.

If someone out there could do this simple test.
Send a test tone out of an output of your Traveler (that is of course set to 0db), and bring it back into a line input, and see how close the level is to what you sent out. Try it with a TRS cable, as well as with a TS cable.

Thanks so much!