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bent logic 26th July 2007 01:07 AM

apogee mobile express/macbook pro
Could some one please explain what this means in terms of better overall peformance/latency while tracking, and if any change to track count?

Creating 1200f and apogee mobile express card as an aggregate device in my audio midi set up (mac book pro) would allow me to combine multiple devices so i can use the inputs and outputs as one device.

i asked a tech from makie the question could i run mac book pro with Traction3 /apogee mobile express/1200f and how to hook it up

It's great that he took the time to answer but the problem is the answer seems to have confused me more.

or could i use ensemble with T3 and logic and go only firewire

Please forgive my ignorance, i have only had the mac 2 weeks and running T3 demo but ready to plunge if 1200f reviews go well or ensemble........ HeLp........