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zirconst 29th October 2020 07:45 PM

Javanese Gamelan - Available now from Impact Soundworks!
We're pleased to announce the release of Javanese Gamelan, a breathtaking virtual instrument featuring the ancient ensemble of the same name. This resonant, metallic, meditative sound will transport you to a far away land, sure to inspire your music; it's the same sound that inspired composers ranging from Debussy, Satie, Bartók, and Cage, to Bear McCreary, Alexandre Desplat, and James Newton-Howard.

Performed and recorded by Gonzalo Varela with truly superb instruments made in Indonesia, the ensemble was captured with intricate detail. Each of the twelve instruments have their own unique design, tone, and role in traditional music, and we've provided them in both their authentic tuning (Pelog, Slendro) plus equal temperament.

This true-to-life, traditional Indonesian sound is ideal for not just regional music, but many kinds of modern composition and particularly film, TV, and video game scoring.

Ensemble Patch

The highlight of our Javanese Gamelan is the ensemble patch, show above, which allows you to layer and edit all twelve individual instruments to create your perfect sound. Each instrument can be transposed, tuned, and humanized individually, and can have overlapping playable ranges for up to 12 voices on a single keypress.

When you add the built in Console FX rack and mixer, and various other harmony, microtuning, and playback controls, you can easily explore a vast range of tonal and harmonic possibilities.

Key Features
  • Twelve individually sampled instruments
  • Ensemble & single instrument patches
  • Superbly detailed with over 6,500 samples packed into 3.75 gigabytes (compressed)
  • Crystal-clear 24 / 48 sample quality
  • Dynamic and responsive thanks to sixteen dynamic layers
  • Full sustain and muted articulations
  • CONSOLE modular FX rack with over 30+ bundled FX and impulse responses
  • Built-in harmony generator w/ scale locking + microtuning

Audio Demos

Video Walkthrough


Javanese Gamelan is available now for the intro price of $79 through November 6th, after which it will go to the MSRP of $99. Kontakt 5.8 full version is required.