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TheDrip 14th October 2020 09:51 PM

Stam Audio SA-609
I got my SA-609 after waiting over a year for it to be built and shipped.

First thing I did was added this to my mix buss. With a flip of a switch everything just sounded wider and better. With just light compression it made multiple sessions come together.

Second test was on my drum buss. This is where I'm going to keep the SA-609 for all my future sessions. You can really crunch it and make things sound larger than life.

Final test was using one of the mono channels to run bass through. The vibe was alive. I'm going to use this in my chain to record bass moving forward.

I haven't tried it on vocals yet, but will update this review once we have both singers and rappers in session.

There is so much in this box. It was worth the wait.
Even through Covid, Stam worked to get this out to me and I'm so thankful.

BuhoCiego 9th November 2020 06:39 AM

This is a very high quality take on the vintage 33609. The first thing I noticed is the not so subtle color added to the mix. Richer and more refined than AMS versions.

It is very well calibrated, not a bit of stereo image tilt. Tested at 1kHz and 0.1kHz.

It's a fantastic 2bus compressor depending on the song's genre. I also loved it on snare but specially on kick drums. Dynamic kicks, slow, fast double, you name it. And it adds that low mid full tone and subtle "tch" sound on the top end transients that makes the material that much pleasant to the ear.

Great peace of gear, expensive looking and very well built.

Absolutely worth the wait.