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Margoloh 25th September 2020 05:09 AM

KORG ms20m or comparable synths to work with KORG MS20 mini
I have been on the hunt for a KORG ms20m and it seems pretty impossible to find one. I have a ms 20 mini and was looking to use it in tandem with the ms20m and it’s new features. Does anyone know of a way to mod the MS20 mini to basically give it the same capabilities as the ms20m. If not, could anyone recommend a synth comparable to the ms20m that might work well in tandem with the MS20 mini? Thanks.

Jamie munro 25th September 2020 09:34 AM

get another mini :lol:

no seriously the mods are out there, can't remember the site but sync, fm, 1/4 inch outs, pwm etc etc are all done for you

getting another mini wouldn't be a bad idea though if you were going to mod, sure i saw one without a keybed too

iksrazal 25th September 2020 02:26 PM

The one extra feature that is most helpful to me is the extra VCO 1 + 2 CV input for V/Oct in addition to V/Hz.

That allows me to use an V/Oct external 16 step analog sequencer such as the Analogue Solutions Oberkorn, so it plays nice in a track with multiple V/Oct synths.

I don't know much about the mini mods out there though its unlikely to have that one available.