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cloudloop 24th September 2020 06:05 PM

CloudLoop: The Collaborative Live Looper
Hello fellow GearSlutz,

I am the inventor of the world's first collaborative live looping audio workstation called CloudLoop. CloudLoop connects musicians across any distance to a cloud-based recording medium using just an iOS device. Optionally, you may connect a USB audio interface or iRig for a studio-quality recording experience, using the hardware you have already invested in your DAW-based workflow.

Traditional loop stations/pedals offer no online collaborative features. It is also exceptionally difficult to share recordings made with a loop station. CloudLoop solves this by capturing every loop in full 32 bit float PCM and persists them to the cloud.

CloudLoop bridges the gap between audio workstations and looping environments globally by providing an easy way to share and create together in real time or asynchronously, regardless of location of network quality.

The technology is patent pending, and is truly the first and only of its kind.

Here's a quick demonstration of myself and a friend improvising a beat (from different houses!) using just the app, an iRig2 and Roland Go:Mixer Pro.

We are looking for more beta testers to give the technology a test run. If you would like to sign up for the CloudLoop beta for iOS, please fill out THIS FORM or send me a message.

Follow us on twitter or instagram for more updates about the app, as we are actively developing a web and android version of the tech, with plans for a pure-hardware looper as well.

Twitter: cloudyloops
Instagram: cloudyloops

Your fellow gearslut,
Liam Sargent