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davixgt 5th July 2007 03:41 AM

Recording with The Brick and an Mbox...and electric shocks...
Hello...i received my Groobe Tubes The Brick this week and I started recording some guitars and i LOVE it, the sound becomes very alive but i was wondering how some of the experts use it to record, or how would you set it up with the following rig

Guitar->Pod xt live->The Brick->Mbox 2(via xlr)

I currently have the level on the POD at 12o'clock, the brick at 12 as well, and the input on the Mbox at 10o'clock...

Also, as i play my guitar i get some tiny electric shocks, nothing big, i can still play but i was wondering if this is caused by the brick, the guitar, the electric installation in my house, or something im missing...and if I should be worried...

Thanks a Lot

orksnork 5th July 2007 03:56 AM

from my experience...this means you're touching things that don't share a common ground...probably from playing a guitar plugged one room and then touching stuff plugged another room and on a different breaker...

probably should have your electric looked

davixgt 5th July 2007 04:00 AM

Ok, so then, its no the gear per se, its how its conected to the power outlets OR the electric in my place??

Kiwiburger 5th July 2007 05:52 AM

Get an earth leakage detector thingy. They are a cheap plastic box with a couple of buttons, and if they detect any current flowing between neutral and earth they switch off. I use one on my guitar amps - doubles as an on/off switch.

John Suitcase 5th July 2007 06:25 AM

In the meantime, run everything off of one outlet. I know some people preach against putting too much stuff on one outlet, but you can put like 1800 watts on an outlet, I believe, and unless you're running some serious amplification that isn't the case. I usually run my entire rig off of one outlet, using a regualr Furman rack power unit. Never have any noise or ground issues, and I'm in different locations all the time.

If you're playing through something that has no physical connection to the recording gear, that stuff can be on another circuit, but again, all of your guitar gear needs to be on the same circuit.

In you situation, I'd just make sure everything is coming off of one power strip, that should solve it. If it doesn't something is broken, or isn't grounded at all.