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S_A_P 20th August 2020 02:51 AM

Roland MKS-80 Super Jupiter
First off, love the sound. Mines a Rev 4. Some folks like the rev4 some like the Rev5. This one is more of a Jupiter 6 with some shared filter heritage.

Envelopes not as fast as the JP-8 but snappy enough so there arent any complaints there. Mine came with the MPG-80. I wouldnt really consider this without the controller or a new version of a controller, but that nearly doubles the price so bang for buck is not awesome. There is a couple of cheaper options for MKS-80 controllers so you can save a few bucks if you don't mind that.

If you have the controller, its pretty danged easy to use, and everything is right there to edit. I do notice that the controller isnt quite real time, but nothing I cant deal with.

Feature wise, it is an 8 voice analog polysynth from the 80s with 2 envelopes and 1(or 2 if you give up osc 2) LFOS. The Cross Mod is nice, and genreally speaking while there arent tons of modulation routes, there is enough to make damn near any range of sounds at least somewhat well.

This was not my first choice for a vintage poly synth but having owned for a few weeks now Im glad I do have this. I probably would sell it in a heartbeat if a reasonably priced JP-8 came up for sale, but who wouldnt???