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Kozmos88 12th August 2020 11:41 AM

R.I.P. Trini Lopez
R.I.P. Trini Lopez

" Mexican-American singer Trini Lopez, who had a hit in 1963 with his version of If I Had A Hammer and played one of The Dirty Dozen, has died at 83.

Lopez, an accomplished guitarist, was mentored by Buddy Holly and Frank Sinatra and designed two instruments for the Gibson Guitar Corporation.
Lopez died in Palm Springs, California, of complications from coronavirus. "


ctms777 12th August 2020 08:13 PM

I met Mr Lopez in 2013 when he performed with the artist who was my employer at the time. He came to the Netherlands without a guitar and amp an I had to arrange them overnight. He asked for a “fat Gibson and a Fender amp”. I ended up with a Gibson L4 and a low power twin, which was all I could find after every shop closed. Luckily he liked them. He turned out to be a very friendly man. He asked for a plectrum so I gave him mine. After every rehearsal (for 3 days) I got it back , even though I said he could keep it. In the end he told my boss that he should be glad with an employee like me. What a sweet man. Rest In Peace Mr Lopez.