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bqstudio 11th August 2020 01:53 AM

New (Small) Project Studio Room - Asymmetric Room Nodes
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Moved into a new project studio space for producing and mixing a few days ago and have been setting it up. Room dimensions are 7' W x 10' L x 10' H. Started by building 12 chunk bass traps (16" w x 24" h x 10" deep) and stacking them in each of the corners. Also put broadband absorbers up at the L + R first reflection points. Absorbers are currently 2" thick - planning to at least double this once I get around to it. Room is still very much a work in progress.

The room is asymmetrical and kind of an unusual layout. Did a sweep with REW today and found very big differences in the nodal points between the left and right speakers, the most obvious of which is the huge dip around 80hz coming from the right monitor which isn't replicated in the left one. There also seem to be some issues with reoccuring harmonics. I've attached the freq response graph as well as the REW data. Thank you all for your help!