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Pali 9th August 2020 10:13 PM

Opinions on the Fender Mustang GTX DSP
I bought a Stratocaster Ultra which hasn't arrived yet and I'm looking for a modeling amp. I've heard a lot of demos and I'm very impressed with the fairly new GTX series.
Does anyone know who coded this?
How do the Mustang GTX series compare to other modeling amps in your opinion?

Tnevz 10th August 2020 09:22 AM

I have the gt and it sounds good. Some of the tones are really good. It sound pretty digital a lot of the higher gain tones but it’s definitely useable and for the price particularly if it’s like a first amp or a practice amp it’s a really good deal imo. Or even for recording.
Super easy to record with. Plugs right into your interface.
I monitor through my Yamaha monitors and turn the speaker on the amp all the way down/off.
I don’t really use the onboard fx much but they’re decent.