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luckyman 2nd August 2020 10:09 PM

Serrano Audio 87
Hi to all musicians. I want to leave a comment about microphone from Carlos Serrano. I saw his announcement at this forum and found his website. I Learned all information on the website, And i wanted to buy and try this microphone on my home studio. I have original vintage u87. I know this sound very well!. The microphone came quickly. I made the test and compared it to the original. What verdict? Tremendous microphone! Almost for 100% it is similar to the original! At blind listening it is impossible to distinguish! I wrote about it to Carlos and thanked him for excellent work. I ordered more microphones from him. Now Im going to sell my original u87 Neumann. If someone, wants same u87 sound, but not ready spend about $3k, then you found it! You can buy Carlos Serrano microphone with full confidence and very affordable price. No need original u87 more. You will not be disappointed. Thanks Carlos! Also, I wait from you for the same quality level, u47 replica!