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elroybutz 31st July 2020 12:10 PM

Bart HRK C533
I'm going to review a few of the HRK products as I feel other readers would benefit from the thoughts of someone with real experience using the units. The C533 for me is one of the best all rounders in the HRK line up because as well as getting 3 colour slots all with individual drive controls, you also get a very useful tilt EQ. I have the Solid state console and 80s tape modules in the 1st two slots, and with the tilt EQ following that I can shape the sound a little bit if I like before the signal hits the Discrete Line Driver which I have in slot 3.
Once you get your head around the gain staging needed and the fact that there is constant output gain applied it really is a breeze to just set and forget and reap the benefits. Not only do the individual colour cards sound awesome, but the benefits to RMS are great. I can easily pull back 4-6 db of headroom and therefore increase RMS significantly without doing any damage to the signal, and for heavy guitar music this is great.
Don't forget a simple reshuffle of the order of the cards in the unit can alter the results quite a bit and is worth experimenting with.
Before discovering HRK I wanted things like the silver bullet, SSL fusion etc and though I know they'd be excellent I'll probably never have them due to budget. But now I don't care, the HRK stuff is giving me what I want.