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Jules 20th July 2020 01:24 PM

Tell us about Bogren Digital!
This has been a fantastic Q&A - thanks very much for doing it!

Pls tell us about your journey with Bogren Digital rockout


BogrenDigitalJay 21st July 2020 03:27 AM

Hi Jules, Jay here, the second half of Bogren Digital. The journey has just begun and it's been incredible so far! Thank you for organizing the Q&A for Jens, it's been a treat.
We've been getting great feedback on taking a different approach with the IR pack and it gives us a lot of ideas for the future. Keep an eye out for more exciting things to come. cooge

The user videos have been very inspiring, so if anyone makes one, please tag us on social media, so we can share it.

Here are a few:

Mendel bij de Leij (Ex-Aborted)


Simon Medz

With Different Eyes

Jeremy Sandstorm

Johan Lund

Jules 4th August 2020 05:42 PM

All sounds great!rockout