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BobbyGmusic 1st July 2020 08:17 PM

Ircam Lab TS2
I may edit the "Sound Quality" review score if I can get a response from Support. The ease of use will likely NOT change, because it is is a "feature rich" application with very little explanation of what things actually DO. I was particularly interested in the SuperVP section of the software. Reading the SuperVP section in the manual is as good as looking at the section in the software itself. It barely even just lists the parameters in that section. No explanation of what SuperVP is, does, or what parameter adjustments will affect what. Same with the "Remix" section.

So for "ease of use", this gets a 2. I simply loaded a wav file I had, adjusted some pitch and tempo, and it sounded great in the application itself. After exporting to .wav, there is some strange audio hiccup in the first few seconds. I kept replaying it to see if it was jitter or some other anomaly, but the error kept appearing.

I tried exporting the same track, after adjusting some of the settings in the SuperVP section (the manual very noncommittally mentions something about export settings within this section) to where I could actually hear some degradation depending how high or low I adjusted the "Window Size" - whatever the window size is, I've no clue and wish Ircam lab would do a better job of explaining these functions in the manual. After finding a sweet spot for the window size and messing with some of the other settings in that section (window overlapping), I found a nice balance in what sounded good to my ears.

Export - and the error still shows up.. several seconds later. I cannot pin point what this is since it doesn't appear appear during playback within the software, so I imagine it has something to do with how the file is being rendered.

However, the Export settings leave you with very,very few parameters to adjust. Bit Depth and Sample Rate are about the only parameters you can adjust that would have any bearing on the output. I always pay attention to that, so there is no issue with the bit depth/ resolution I've chosen.

As far as bang for buck, I'm giving it a 5 becuase I got this at a steal for only $29 during a promo! Usually retails for around $200 I believe. If I paid $200 for this, I would likely be furious with what I paid for.

I am hoping to hear back from support. If it's a bug, hope it gets fixed - or at the very least, if it is indeed user error, then I hope to see a more detailed manual.