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John Mor 1st July 2020 12:04 AM

Dense small ceiling cloud VS Entire Ceiling fluffy trap?
Hi, i'm considering swapping my relatively compact ceiling cloud which is above the listening position with a much bigger one, that will cover the entire ceiling in width and will be a bit longer too.

The current one is at an slight angle, 45cm from the ceiling approximately. 10 cm of 30.000 Pa.s/m^2 rockwool. 50kg/m^3 density.

I have more panels that are 30.000 Pa.s/m^2. Should i use those to make a big one with the same 45 cm airgap at an angle, or should i make a huge trap filled with 5.000 Pa.s/m^2 and no airgap at all?

I understand the first ones will reflect low frequencies but it will be put on an angle and that could probably break some modal interference, right?

The second option would become a huge basstrap but i feel there's a point of diminishing returns here, as my entire front wall corners, are all treated well.

Room dimensions:

410 x 360 x 300 cm.

Thank you!