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sipollo 30th June 2020 11:42 PM

TD-3 syncing with ableton
Hello everyone,

I've recently bougth the TD-3, and it rocks, fat sound, but i have had a few issues while syncing it with ableton, let me explain these.

I have no issue with syncing it to ableton's clock, this perfectly works : when i start playing ableton, the pattern from the TD-3 starts playing.

However, let's say I wanna stop playing this pattern, and a few minutes later, while my live set is still playing, I wanna start another pattern:

When I press start/stop again, the pattern plays, at the right tempo, however, it doesn't start on a new measure, or a new beat. For instance, if I press start/stop in between two kicks, the pattern will be at the right tempo, but it will be offset.

I am aware that i can control the note played direcltly by using midi patterns from ableton with the right parameters, however, I'love to be able to use only the internal sequencer from the TD-3.

Is there any way to solve this issue? Is there any tip i didn't think about?

Also will this also be an issue if i connect the TD-3 to a hardware groove box and sync them together for example? This would be kind of diminishing the capabilities of the TD-3.

I hope this wasn't already treated on any post here, let me know if it was, and in that case, sorry about that!

I hope someone can answer this question for me, thanks a lot!

ambiguous signal 1st July 2020 04:20 AM

I don't have one - but there have been a few other threads on here - search "TD-3 sync". Nothing very conclusive mind you.

The conclusion I approximated from those discussions was that the TD-3 doesn't reset to start, synch to bar or any such - it just derives a clock rate from MIDI and plays from wherever it was in its own sequencer steps. In other words, I think this is just normal TD-3 behaviour and it's left to the user to control the timing.

Have a look at what settings are available in the Synth Tool app - that's the only other thought I have.

ivato 1st July 2020 05:39 AM

I have the same issue with my TR8S and a TD3 synced to it.
I solved it by never pressing start/stop on the TD3.
instead, I just set the TD3 volume to zero and let it play.
Then I set up the pattern and knobs settings and push the volume again.
Also, why not use an empty pattern ( like I use empty patterns on the TR8S to have silences being perfectly multiple of bars )

sipollo 1st July 2020 08:14 PM


Originally Posted by ivato (Post 14831957)
Also, why not use an empty pattern

Great idea, I didn't think of this, thanks a lot dude!

You can't switch from pattern to tracks using this though, right? This will still do i think.

I also thought about finding some vst or max for live plugins that send start/stop signal, but I didn't manage to use any of the ones i found.

ivato 2nd July 2020 12:51 PM

"I also thought about finding some vst or Max for Live plugins that send start/stop signal,"

I would really keep it as simple as possible.
If you look at how DJ, Dub mixers work, you will see that not everything is automated.
While the music plays, they solo, mute, move the faders, knobs, to mute the bass at that moment, add delay at that other moment, ...

For the 47yo beginner that I am, it is incredibely more fun and more prone to discover unexpected musical ideas.