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Alex Specht 30th June 2020 08:57 PM

Presonus Audio Box USB Standby Windows 10/7-8
Problems with "Standby" and USB power for Presonus Audio Box USB

In windows 10, when the laptop is shutdown and then rebooted, the Audio Box driver fails.

I found a solution:

1. Open Control Panel (Windows Key+R, type "control")
2. Select "Power Options"
3. Click "Choose what the power buttons do"
4. Under "Shutdown Settings" deselect "Turn on fast startup (recommended)
Note: if "Turn on fast startup" is greyed out then click "Change settings that are currently unavailable" this should now allow you to disable "Fast Startup"

"Fast Startup" is really a shutdown command that keeps stuff in memory and doesn't power down the machine completely. By disabling fast startup the Audio Box and drivers are shut down completely with the host computer, and should properly load on re-boot

For more on "Fast Startup" I found this article:

For Windows 7-8 there is a solution listed on Presonus website:

By enabling EuP Ready or ErP Ready option in the Power Settings section of your system BIOS will properly shut down power to all USB ports when the system is shut down. This will ensure that the AudioBox will be seen by the OS correctly upon reboot.