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The Dazzler 30th June 2020 04:50 PM

If only I could confirm that it's not possible I would feel better
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I chose an Emu Proteus/1 as my gateway hardware synth. I had wild dreams of making it sing and breathing new life into it with complete creative control . After six straight frustrating days of Sysex hell, I am ready to give up on that dream of seamlessly melding it with my modern keyboard MIDI controller: :deth:

Question. Please confirm that the MIDI implementation/ MIDI specifications (page 121 of the Proteus/1 manual) of this synth is obsolete and that it is no longer possible to access the listed parameters (page 121) neither through Keyboard programming, nor the MIDI OX Sysex utility, nor The M-Audio Code series Preset editor. (standard MIDI CC messages work).

I am familiar enough with Sysex and RPN/NRPN to write the instructions longhand. I can convert Hexadecimal to and from numbers. But I am completely lost with MIDI OX.

Is it possible to program all the encoders, faders and buttons on my Keyboard MIDI controller to control all the sound modelling parameters of this old synth?

If so... please help me. Please, boing I'm obsessed! How do you write the exact Sysex comand written in the manual into the correct encoder, fader on my keyboard controller?

Synth Guru 30th June 2020 07:37 PM

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The Dazzler 30th June 2020 10:04 PM


Rob Ocelot 1st July 2020 07:28 AM

It would be unusual for a company to downgrade or remove SYSEX functionality from a product. What's more likely is the manual is referencing an earlier or later ROM version than your Proteus 1.

I don't own a Proteus but from what I can find there was an initial version of the Proteus 1 that had no other name. This was followed by two other Proteus 1 modules ('XR', and 'Plus Orchestral') and the original module was rebadged as 'Pop/Rock' so as not to confuse customers. My guess is each of those units were given different SYSEX Product ID bytes in case a customer had two of the modules on one MIDI chain and wanted to send sysex specifically to one. Normally this kind of situation would be handled by giving the modules different Device ID's but that's something the customer would have to dive into the menus and set up manually. I wonder if E/MU tried to make the process simpler for non-techy musicians so it would work right out of the box. It's possible Product ID '04' was retired and the three named modules were given ID's 05-07.

So I see a couple of scenarios here...

*You have one of the later named modules that won't respond to ID 04
*You have an original module that was upgraded to be an XR version internally

What issues are you having with MIDIOX? I've only ever used it to send SYSEX files back and forth... but as far as I know there's no way to send raw SYSEX commends directly. You'd have to write the SYSEX commands to a text file, rename the file to be .syx and then send it to the synth -- and it would be really just for testing purposes.

One other thing springs to mind is that some of synths take extra time to decode SYSEX and that could make real time control laggy enough to be frustrating in practical use. You'd think a circa 1990 module could handle it but I've been surprised on a couple of occasions.

The Dazzler 1st July 2020 10:03 AM

I have a standard original Proteus/1 as seen by the attached photo. On page 119 of the attached scans in the original post, the Device ID is written as 04(hex). I found MIDI OX unintuitive and complex but I'm slowly figuring it out. I can indeed send/receive Sysex messages from MIDI OX to my controller , via the Sysex View and have confirmed so much by trying it out. But the Sysex file itself looks like an horrid mass and I don't recognize it nor am I yet able to edit it.

At this point I'm almost willing to pay someone to write and send me a Sysex (or text?) file of the Commands as described on page 121 of the attached scanned pages.

I thought that I would get familiar with and learn to appreciate more advanced rack synths more by starting cheap and old (paid 60 bucks + shipping), but it feels like I screwed myself. I called M-Audio tech support and sent an email of this same enquiry. I hope they have an Audio engineer there with experience.

If what I want to do is impractical, that's fine I just want to confirm that. I'll settle for the limited CC messages and Standard MIDI messages Proteus offers. But I don't want to give up because I'm emotionally invested in this enterprise and my self-image would take a hit if I don't do everything possible to reach my goal. Also if I don't take all related musical endeavors to it's logical end, it's hard to justify blowing €800+ on a dream home studio while owing back taxes.

The Dazzler 8th July 2020 12:28 PM

Selling an M-Audio Code 49. €160. Used for three weeks. Brand new. boxed manuals original plastic. In warranty. Tons of free software never downloaded. PM me.