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jaydisc 30th June 2020 01:35 AM

MOTU M2/M4 Loopback into Skype?
I recently acquired a MOTU M2 which I'm using with macOS Catalina.

When using the MOTU drivers, there are two extra "loopback" input channels added that have the combined output of whatever is going through the M2 fed back in as inputs.

I'd like to use these loopbacks as Skype input, but Skype only shows "M2" as an input choice. I don't know how to choose those two loopback channels.

Is M2 input channel selection only available to high-end audio software? And not available to non-pro-audio-apps like Skype?

DirkP 15th July 2020 03:34 PM

Do you have the newest firmware, they had problems with the loopback function.