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rocknpop 29th June 2020 02:24 PM

Need a sensible recommendation without going overboard
I have a 15in MBP 2012 i7 that I love and have been running with Sierra. The main reason I haven't upgraded is it works well with PT12 and it actually is the last MBP compatible with my Digi 003 console.

I have since switched to an Apollo Twin thunderbolt setup (less real estate on my desk). With that said, my MBP is struggling when I play VSTs there are crackles and pops when playing Ableton's Wavetable or Korg's Triton VST. I assume this will only get worse with time.

My question is - what is a solid recommendation for a computer (doesn't have to be a laptop) that will carry me for another 5-7 years? I will need a mac since I have projects in Logic that I want to access (plus it's a cool DAW).

Here is what I do (requirements)
- I track at most 2 tracks at once
- Other than vocals and guitars, everything else is a VST (Arturia Collection, Pianoteq, Addictive Drums, etc.)
- Usually have 12 or so tracks per project
- I use about 2-3 effects per track and a couple of send effects
- I go back and forth with Ableton and ProTools, but mostly track on Ableton
- I expect to build my synth collection (racks) so will need to have a solution for that separately

Do I need an i9 or is an i7 enough? What about RAM? 16GB or 32GB? I know more is better, but $ is the limiting factor. I am hoping to spend close to $1,500 to $2,000 for a new machine.