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Oroz 28th June 2020 08:39 PM

Real Amps vs Digital Emulations
Hi Jens, I'm such a fan of your work. I loved Quadra! I've been a fan of Sepultura since the Schizofrenia-Beneath The Remains era and Quadra is on of my favorites.

Thanks a lot for doing this.

What's your opinion about real amps vs Kemper or any of the plugins emulations. Do you still prefer to record with real amps? Why? Do you think that plugins have come a long way and are at least competitive? Do you record with plugins or Kemper or Fractal from time to time? If so, what percentage of your productions have digital emulations?

Thanks in advance!

Jens Bogren 30th June 2020 01:13 AM

Thanks man! Well, there is this elusive "glue" to a real amp/cab that is hard to get with digital equivalent. At least that's my impression. If I wouldn't have had the option to use real amps, I would try harder with the digital though.

To be fair, I've done that journey when it comes to analogue consoles. There was a time when I thought I could NEVER mix with Pro Tools. Recallability became more important for my workflow, and I learned how to make it work for me.