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Wolf LeProducer 25th June 2020 08:37 PM

What noise suppresor vst for sung vocals?
Assume you have: A Kaotica Eyeball. And a SE vocal shield - although, I forget what they are called. Assume you have one...

Now imagine you want, "a very good noise suppressor vst," for sung vocals.

A. What VST would you chose?

B. Do you even need a noise suppressor with Eyeball and SE vocal shield?

I see a lot of noise suppressors for spoken dialog, but not, "sung vocals."

Keyword here is, "singing."


ollieneedham 25th June 2020 10:46 PM

Depending on what sort of noise you're trying to suppress, you can't go wrong with izotope RX.

nightchef 26th June 2020 02:30 PM

What he said. For steady-state background noise (air conditioner hum, computer fans, etc.) I would strongly recommend Klevgrand’s Brusfri—it’s very effective and amazingly usable. But it doesn’t work for things like breaths or mouth noise, if that’s your concern.