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Clbraddock 25th June 2020 06:20 PM

Clean Unprocessed Drum Plugin/Samples
Are there any unprocessed drum plugins in 2020? I'm looking for something with just the raw drum recordings with no compression/eq baked into the samples.I want to do any compression/eq myself. I have SSD5 already, and although they claim minimal processing, many of the sets sound pre-processed to me. Does anything like what I'm looking for exist?

norbury brook 25th June 2020 06:35 PM


i find their drum sounds are very unprocessed and you have to treat them like you would a mic'd kit.

Some people want it done for them so use other programs that are mixed/processed already. BFD isn't like that.


Clbraddock 25th June 2020 07:08 PM

Thanks norbury. I'm somewhat familiar with BFD, but haven't used it since the original version (its been quite awhile lol). From the research I've been able to do it looks like that is probably a better option for what I want than SSD5, Addictive, or Superior/Easy Drummer. Glad to hear that my hunch was probably right.

The only thing that has caused me to hold back on BFD3 is that I believe it is pretty old. Maybe thats good that its been stable for a long time. I worry sometimes about buying older software that may become quickly replaced/outdated, but I guess maybe its better to live in the now since I need something now.

I'd also heard good things about Mixosaurus, but it looks like it isn't available anymore.

HSi 25th June 2020 09:55 PM

BFD is defiantly better than SD if you want more raw sounds. It's really not that old. v3 can't be more than 5 years.

norbury brook 26th June 2020 10:24 AM

Also there are some great addons from Platinum samples that are RAW well recorded samples by great engineers/drunners

don't worry about the software, it's bullet proof :D


JohnRick 26th June 2020 03:54 PM

I assume TS final question was ironic. Superior Drummer 3 obviously. No competition whatsoever. RAW samples with unlimited editing possibilities. But costly and voluminous. Depending on library. Don't make the mistake of comparing it to EZ drummer.

... from one also using/having used Addictive Drums, SSD, BFD3 ... but probably never will again.

Mixosaurus is very old news by now. Uwe got sick I believe. But the library at the time was excellent.

Clbraddock 26th June 2020 07:30 PM

Sounds like the contenders are BFD3 and SD3, but that there is conflicting advice about which is less processed.