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Metasfera 17th June 2020 05:47 AM

RME MADI Router Setup
Hi Hi-End folks. I am trying to build a studio with 3 computers (macs) using RME Madi Sound cards. The only question is how to combine sound output from them into one device. Do I understand correctly that I can use RME MADI router for that purpose? What happens next when i combine all 3 madi outputs inside this unit? Do I need to forward it to something like Fireface to get the final sound?

deedeeyeah 17th June 2020 11:14 AM

you cannot combine three madi streams into one large stream (as this is beyond the specs of madi).

you can extract (groups of) channels from each madi stream and merge them into newly configured madi streams (and you then can re-record them into a rme madiface xt which accepts up to three madi streams).

Master_Splinter 17th June 2020 05:54 PM

You can use the Madi router to take channels from multiple madi streams and route them into one (as long as it isn't over 64 channels, obviously) and then fire the final stream off to record.
For example -

8 x channels from room 1

32 x channels from room 2

16 x Channels from room 3

into MADI Router

Combined into one final 56 channel madi stream to be sent to the computer and recorded via a MADIface USB or MADIface XT or the HDSPE MADI FX card.