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GSAHM 14th June 2020 01:41 AM

[SIGNAL PATH] Connect two control rooms to one recording booth
Hi everybody,

although this is my first post in the gearslutz universe, i have always been a very active reader.

My main question is: What is the common solution to connect a booth to two control rooms?

I am moving my studio for the third time now and everytime I do, it gets bigger and more complex. So now I am planning to have two control rooms with a recording booth in between. The booth will be mainly used for vocals, upright piano and maybe guitar amps.
Thinking about how to connect the booth to both control rooms, I'm running into the following problems:

How can I split the signal from the booth to the control rooms maintaining control over phantom power from both control rooms? Every splitter I found had a "through" and a "parallel" so only the "through" channel can supply phantom power, am I right?

Do regular splitters work in both directions? Of course there has to be Cue Signal sent into the booth.

I hope somebody can help me out here, really looking forward to your replies!! :)


avare 14th June 2020 09:23 AM

Distances? Simultaneous or selective control room recording? Do your preamps go open or short or something in between when turned off?

My first thought is to just parallel the feeds. But there are many factors involved.

GSAHM 14th June 2020 03:42 PM

Thanks for your answer! Distances from control room to booth will be under 5 meters each. It will be a selective scenario, no need for both control rooms having access at the same time.

I think I don't completely understand what you mean regarding the preamps. Can you specify?

Again, thanks a lot!