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fromthepuggle 11th June 2020 09:50 PM

Culture Vulture vs Rooster for Bus duties?
Lot of threads on these sorts of issues are outdated. Looking for tube warmth on drum and or 2bus, but also for tracking. Don't need another tube eq (already have a pair of pultecs), but as a bonus on Rooster it's ok.

These two units are about the same price used, both have triode/pentode, Rooster has aggression control (negative feedback control if I'm right), and CV has Bias control (controls power supply I believe), but the tone seems quite similar in many respects, at least from video demos. Rooster has Stam transformers on in/out, CV is transformerless.

I've used a CV for a bit before and was quite impressed. Maybe build quality was an issue a few years ago but seems quite high quality now. A lot of early reviews of the CV said it 'couldn't be subtle' but I think a lot miss that there's an 'overdrive' switch that controls if the unit is subtle or not, doh. A lot of threads on these units are just outdated.

Which would be useful for imparting more 'vintage tube warmth' for tracking and mixing? Anyone use both?

I know people have said the Rooster is more hi-fi, and while its marketed that way, is this from personal experience, or is there a set of specific features that causes this?