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Opher47 9th June 2020 08:37 PM

ringing in dialogue recording studio
I built out my basement studio, and the sound proofing came out great!! thanks to this forum.

Now i am trying to treat the room for dialogue recording primarily.

here is a spoken word test

I feel like i hear some "ringing" especial towards the end with the claps.... does this sound ok? or should i do more treatment? maybe treat the ceiling?

thanks in advance for the support and advice. I look forward to what you all have to say.

johannburkard 10th June 2020 11:54 PM

The room ambience is quite subtle but still there.

What I hear at the end sounds like flutter echo. FWIK Flutter echo is sound bouncing along one axis. More treatment, including diffusion if you only want it from let's say 500 Hz will take care of it.

Opher47 11th June 2020 01:47 PM

Thanks for the tip
cool, i am going to build some more panels... although besides between my ceiling and my desk i have no parallel surfaces to cause flutter? perhaps i will treat my ceiling?

johannburkard 12th June 2020 01:52 PM


Originally Posted by Opher47 (Post 14793900)
perhaps i will treat my ceiling?