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saltyj 7th June 2020 03:30 PM

Isolation Cab Questions
I'm having my carpenter friend build me an isolation cab for my small closet and we're running into a few problems and I know you all can give me the best advice!

The closet is small and the issue we're running into is if we did a double layered cab, we would be cutting super close to being able to fit a mic in there without smashing it up against the grill. That said:

-What would be the best wood to use for a single layer iso cab?
-What would be the best way to treat the interior?

My other question (it might be dumb) is:

What if we just kept the front of the iso cab open? It would still be in a closed closet. Would having a bottom(and platform)/sides/top but open front have any sort of DB reduction? I could potentially then treat the interior door. Ultimately, I'm not trying to crank my amp, just have it loud enough to get the true tone of it and not bum my neighbors out.

Appreciate any response, thanks y'all.

drunmersteve 11th June 2020 02:21 AM

saw this a while back, might have some good tips in it!