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pointsource 6th June 2020 10:47 PM

Crane Song Egret Alternatives?
Hi there guys,

I was looking for a good analog summing mixer and I wanted one with it´s own AD/DA converters so I would have a standalone unit (would not need to buy DA converters or an audio interface just to feed analog signal to it). This way it would work as an audio interface too.

So far the best option I found is the Crane Song Egret:

Not only it has analog inputs, it also has digital ADAT input (so the digital signal is converted to analog by the unit to do the summing.) I also loved the fact it has an extra pair of outputs for monitoring (so I can have two pair of monitors), and has headphone out (and also has outs and ins for external gear, but this I don´t care about). The saturation effect is a nice plus.

I would only need to get a cheap simple ADAT audio interface for my PC to send the signal to the Egret (like a PCI soundcard with ADAT out - in the case there is no motherboard with ADAT out), saving money on extra audio interface or DA converters.

So, I would like to know if anyone knows another gear in the same level of the Egret? One with USB input would be even better. (one that can receive audio via USB, convert to analog and do the summing).

Best regards

pointsource 7th June 2020 02:37 PM

Does anyone know if this is a good option to send AES to the Egret? There are not many interface options of 4x AES outputs:

Mixxed Up 7th June 2020 08:33 PM


Originally Posted by pointsource (Post 14786540)
Does anyone know if this is a good option to send AES to the Egret? There are not many interface options of 4x AES outputs:

Can't help with that -> AES... However, the RME HDSP 9652 PCI card supports 8-channel ADAT optical, which directly interfaces with Egret.

pointsource 7th June 2020 08:36 PM

So I was turning the internet upside down and it seems there is anything that can top the Egret.

So I decided to get the Egret, an RME HDSPe AES to send the signal to the Egret.

I will wait for the Crane Song Interstellar to complete the setup so:

DAW > RME HDSPe AES outs > Egret AES inputs > Egret L R out > Sonifex RB-DA6 ins then send the main outs copies to :

Pair of Monitors A
Pair of Monitors B

Then Interstellar AES out to RME HDSPe AES input > DAW

Will be using the Egret as main interface / DAC.

pointsource 7th June 2020 08:47 PM

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Like this:

pointsource 8th June 2020 09:29 PM

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So I received a reply from Crane Song and they said I can use the expander port to use extra monitors, so no need for distribution amp. I just need to build a breakout cable/adapter. I will split the stereo out in the expander in two, so the adapter will be something like this, but way shorter: