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edbol 5th June 2020 12:31 PM

Bring your own box, Studio idea
Thinking of putting a room together consisting of Barefoot Monitors, SSL 2 Plus interface, and a large HD screen.

The idea being, people can bring their laptop, hook up to the super pro monitors, and HDMI to a large screen, in an ideal post production, in the box mixing space.

The target market being home producers and engineers, wanting to use a pro space and top end speakers.

What are thoughts here?


Starlight 14th June 2020 12:39 PM


Originally Posted by edbol (Post 14782678)
What are thoughts here?

My thoughts are that so many studios have closed over the past number of years that you need a good client list and a great USP (unique selling point).

So many of the smaller successful studios I have come across have grown with their clients, by which I mean the engineer has been in demand and as his (or her) income permits, their studio has been upgraded. I know of no one these days who starts a small specialist facility with no clients and stays in business in the long run.

So, my main question has to be a blunt one: is this just a dream or do you have clients that are going elsewhere to finish projects that you could retain if you upgraded your studio?

jetam 22nd June 2020 12:40 AM

If you already own a facility in a musically active area where real estate is expensive (e.g. London, NY ...) adding such a room could pay off, although renting such a room as an office might bring in just as much if not more money.
Running such a room as a stand-alone facility would almost certainly mean too much overhead costs.