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roman_ 3rd June 2020 09:42 PM

Tritonaudio FetHead vs. FetHead Germanium
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Hello there,

in case anyone is interested: since I couldn't really find a good comparison between the two FetHead Versions, I made one myself.

I recently bought a matched stereo pair of the Nohype Audio LRM-2b ribbon mics. I love these mics, they sound great on almost anything, but of course the preamps of my Focusrite Clarett 4Pre Interface have to be pushed to literally their limit when recording a picked nylon guitar with them.

So I bought the two FetHead versions and made some tests with the ribbons, each with a FetHead and with different instruments. I think the difference is subtle but audible. Generally, for me the germanium version made the sound a bit more "open", with more high mids and a little less bass. BUT also it had less gain than the normal version although it should even have 2 dB more (29 vs. 27 for the normal version), and to my ears a little bit more noise.

What do you think? Do you hear a difference? Which version do you prefer?

Guitars and shaker played roughly in 50-70cm distance to the mics, double bass ca 1m, voice maybe 30cm. Please excuse my blatantly low singing skills. Chain: LRM-2b as close as I could put them near each other, into the different FetHeads, into the Clarett 4Pre, "Air" setting of the interface off, no further processing.

roman_ 3rd June 2020 09:58 PM

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Here's a quick mixdown of voice and guitar with the 2 respective versions, both tracks now with lowcut at 80Hz and normalized.

roman_ 4th June 2020 01:57 PM

Update: after like 5 or 6 times connecting and disconnecting the FetHead Germanium to mics, the plug disconnected from the housing... All in all the germanium version doesn't hold up to its promises: gain is lower than it should be, noise is quite a bit more, and now it broke! I don't know when that will happen to the normal version...

unevens 28th June 2020 08:15 PM

hey roman_, thank you so much for sharing this!
i am in very similar situation, but i plan to use the fetheads to do stereo recordings, so i want them to be a pair of the same type, and this thead is a life saver.

i'm gonna put some time in listening to the recordings you uploaded.

however, did you contact triton about the the germanium one that broke, and in case, did they repair it or something?

maximumrelaximum 26th October 2020 09:35 AM

Hi Roman,

Thank you for making a comparison of our different FetHeads.
The transistors we use in our FetHead Germanium are selected and tested by hand.
Next to that we listen to every single FetHead Germanium before it is shipped.
Unfortunately, because we use a 'new old stock' germanium transistor, in rare occasions the transistor can go wrong over time.
Therefore we give a lifetime warranty on the NOS germanium transistor.
Please contact us directly at [email protected] to get a replacement unit.


DaVogi 2nd December 2020 01:25 PM

Thanks for sharing the comparison recordings roman!
I slighty prefer the germanium-version but its subtle.

Hope your quality issues got sorted out.