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joshay3000 3rd June 2020 07:32 PM

Acoustic Treatment for Drums within New Studio
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HI guys,

Would massssively appreciate any guidance on a new studio set-up - specifically regarding drums and acoustic treatment. I have attached photos below along with a VERY crude diagram of a possible set-up i would love some guidance on.

So basically I have moved into a new studio and have one neighbour on the other side of the left wall (seen in pics and shown as large red cross on diagram). Luckily my flat is a renovated old barn so has nice and thick period English walling along with the wall of next door between me and said neighbour. However, i am still slightly worried about noise when drumming and want to do as much as possible to lessen the issue.

In terms of positioning I'm thinking having the drums tucked into the right hand corner of the room facing perpendicular to the neighbours wall is best (see shoddy diagram) - as it is far away from the offending wall (for vibrations) and not facing the wall to reduce noise impact. Secondly, I have some pretty decent DIY bass traps which i was planning on fixing together and using as a gobo (blue blob in diagram) to almost create a wall of sound insulation between the drums and the neighbour.

Lastly I have thick carpet which i guess is good to soak up vibrations, however doing a bit of research i'm guessing making a drum riser wouldn't hurt either?!

Would hugely appreciate any guidance from wiser heads than myself on the matter. I could be totally wrong with all of my thoughts so far so please let me know if so and what you would do differently - totally open to suggestions.

It is worth noting i drum mainly jazz and hip hop style so its never totally smash and bang drumming - normally quite the opposite.

Thanks :) hooppie

joshay3000 4th June 2020 06:23 PM

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This would be the GOBO idea.

Anyone got any advice at all? Would be super appreciated.

joshay3000 6th June 2020 02:12 AM

Anyone help a brother out?

Kyle P. Gushue 6th June 2020 03:30 PM


Originally Posted by joshay3000 (Post 14784047)
Anyone help a brother out?

A drum riser will do nothing useful for isolation, and make the sound of the drums worse unless it is filled with sand. You don't want the riser resonating like a huge drum head.

If isolation is a concern, ie blocking sound from people hearing it, then you need structural modifications and/or construction. You would sure up the existing structure by sealing the doors, and electrical outlets, and "plugging" the windows. If that is not enough, then you need to construct a set of isolation walls and ceiling, rated for the amount of isolation you require.

Bass traps, wall panels, etc, don't help isolation, they are used to "tune" the room, to improve the subjective sound quality within the room.

joshay3000 6th June 2020 05:37 PM

@ Kyle P. Gushue Wow thanks so much i was about to go and make a gobo with my bass traps! Good timing.

Very glad i posted this question in the end.

Unfortunately this is a rental so i can't really do anything permanent with regards indoor construction. Seems like I don't have much of an option but to hope and pray i don't get a knock on the door mid recording...