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u929 1st June 2020 07:41 PM

Help figuring out differences in vocal chain
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I came across a post here on GS where a user shared a sample of his vocal chain which is a Manley Ref C -> Bae 1073 -> Distressor -> Motu 8A, listening to the audio he posted I really loved how his Ref C sounded and I tried a few test with my vocal chain but I cannot figure out how to get that air-smooth top end, mine sounds almost dirtier.

My vocal chain is a Manley Ref C -> Chandler TG2 500 -> UA Arrow. In this clip I used a Telefunken NOS 12ax7 tube in my Ref C (I did a test with a NOS Mullard as well).

I'm not understanding why I cannot get this clean - creamy vocal.

What it might be? The AD of the interface? Any suggestion is welcome.

thethrillfactor 2nd June 2020 05:36 AM


Originally Posted by u929 (Post 14775737)
Any suggestion is welcome.

First of all and most important the frequency makeup of your voice and his is totally different. He has low mids in his voice to begin with( and he is nasal). Your voice is lighter in the low mids, and you are singing with more head voice. If you want more low mids than lower the key so you sing the song more in your chest.

But the song may not sound the same.

Secondly the rooms where these tracks are recorded are totally different. The first vocal is recorded in a much tighter space. Your vocal is recorded in a space where you can hear the resonances from the room. Find a space that is tighter sounding to record.

Lastly, as good of a mic as the Ref C may be, it still may not be the best mic for your voice. Keep looking and trying out mics till you find the one. The rest of the chain you are using for all intents and purposes is probably fine.

vernier 2nd June 2020 06:14 AM

Put blanket next to and behind singer to remove room ambiance. Sing closer on the mic. Add a little high eq to vocal track.

johannburkard 2nd June 2020 01:50 PM ;)