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JulianFernandez 26th May 2020 04:45 AM

Aphex 124 as a reamp box?
Hey guys. how are you?

I have this Aphex 124 laying around...

Would it be possible to use it as a reamp box?

Interface out --- Aphex XLR in --- Aphex RCA out --- RCA/TS cable --- Amp?

Noob question, I know. confoosed


Jim Williams 26th May 2020 06:12 PM

Maybe, if you can take the noise floor. Those things showed quite a bit of 60/120 hz noise when tested. It's due to the small size and onboard power transformer.

JulianFernandez 26th May 2020 08:17 PM

Thanks man! kfhkh

JulianFernandez 27th May 2020 04:49 AM


Originally Posted by kingoftheslutz (Post 14764114)

I have an older model of what you are talking about. Not sure whether its the same as yours. Mine is kind of purple colored. These were ubiquitous in the film/video music camp.

I can't say that I've used it for what you are talking about, but in normal use it was never noisy that I recall.

Not sure why you don't just get a regular d.i. box, but on the other hand, why spend money for something you already have?


My DI box has no pad and it could be used for something else. This (older but not purple) Aphex unit has a level knob on the front which makes it quite convenient. I´ll have to try it! Thanks!rockout