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murraythek 23rd May 2020 06:15 PM

Electribe 2 vs Elektron Samples vs Novation Circuit
I'm sure these comparisons have been beaten to death, but I'm having a really hard time deciding between these 3 units. Note I'm also trying to keep it under $500 so higher end units are off the table.

I do all of my recording via Daw (Cubase 10) and have the Arturia collection and Addictive Drummer 2 for my synth and drum needs. I also have the Samples from Mars drum samples.

I'm not keen on using my DAW to do all of my drumming and want a more hands on approach. I had considered a stand alone drum machine (Impact/TR8) but figured I would be to limited to those sounds.

So its come down to these 3 units.

These are my needs:

1 - The ability to load the samples I already have
2 - A groove box that I can build ideas on AWAY from my DAW
3 - Good pad quality to trigger my drums manually
4 - Good onboard sound quality
5 - A sequencer
6 - Relatively easy to use

sds1fs1r 23rd May 2020 06:24 PM

I would start with the Samples. If that doesn't cut it add a used E2 or Circuit. I have the regular E2 and the Cycles and like them both.

robotunes 23rd May 2020 09:43 PM

The Model:Samples' keypad is not good for finger drumming. Other than that, it kicks azz over the Electribe Sample (which I owned and sold) and the Circuit (which I would use more if it relied on the computer less).

Samples beats both when it comes to adding variety to your sounds and patterns. Of your 3, Samples is the one to jam on while recording into your DAW.

Has gigabytes more sample storage than the Circuit. Much easier file system for finding and loading samples than on the Electribe. If I didn't already have an Octatrack, I would have a Samples or an MPC Live or MC-707, both of which cost more.