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Shizampah 7th May 2020 06:22 PM

Demeter vtmp-2b tube balanced outs with no Xformers?
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Hey all,

I recently noticed some strange things regarding a used Demeter VTMP-2b I bought, and one in particular I wanted to ask the internet about.

I used the 1/4" output at first then realized that it is unbalanced, to keep the signal path completely tube (aside from the input transformers). The "b" version, which this preamp is, also has balanced xlr outs as well. Since my curiousity was piqued, I opened it up to see what's inside.

Am I missing something here? I don't see any output transformers. How can the xlr be balanced in this case?

I apparently have an early model, as the input transformers are Jensen, which were old stock and no longer in production. Is it possible that at this point in Demeter's history that they added an unbalanced xlr?

Bonus questions, since I've only a hobbyist's knowledge of Electrical Engineering:

Would this unit benefit from re-capping? There are a decent amount of electrolytics for such a simple circuit, but I've heard mixed things about the value of recap jobs.

While using a DI to record synthesizer through this unit, I was getting some intermittent distortion until I padded the input. The issue was that the levels didn't seem to be anywhere near clipping. The clip indicator led is working but it was not lighting up. Any ideas where to start my search for an issue there?