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gexcube 6th May 2020 04:46 PM

live techno setup and trance music setup recommendations
good evening, I would like to buy some fast hardware components to create any sound without wasting time in live performance. which products do you recommend for a maximum expense of 1500 euros / 1600 dollars , thanks

SunnyCatStudio 6th May 2020 05:32 PM

Just get 10 Volca kicks and a mixer

ambiguous signal 7th May 2020 07:33 AM

A sequencer-sampler is probably your best bet to start with.

Have a look at the MPCs and the Elektrons, because you need to decide what workflow appeals to you - it's critical. YouTube videos (demos and deep dives) are your friend here.

Advanced grooveboxes also come to mind. Roland's TR-707 and TR-8S are the first two I think of.

Sebastian N 7th May 2020 07:37 AM

3 x dfam. profit

Deleted 1a4c28a 7th May 2020 08:06 AM

2 electribes and a mixer or maybe swap one of them for a digitakt or tr8

Tbn 7th May 2020 10:07 AM

Digitakt alone would work for techno, add any peripherals to your liking: a TD3 does very well with digi; just add an fx pedal to it

NY___ 7th May 2020 10:49 AM

Push it a little further and you can go for an "Erica Synths Fusion"

badmark 7th May 2020 11:20 AM

(1) Mixer. Digital or analog? The Roland MX-1 looks really cool but basically locks you into using Roland boxes to get the most out of it. Dunno bout others but the latest Mackie vlz mixers have big mute buttons on every channel. Instant muting is good.

(2) One sequencer brain to rule 'em all, or a series of linked autonomous ones? I've gone the second route, which gives you more flexibility, but can bring technical issues.

(3) Additional fx. More fun, more possible routing trauma.

(4) Ease of use. Elektron Model Samples and Cycles are functionally stripped down compared to their other boxes, but are better set up for live twiddling.

(5) Song mode or no song mode? Another performative decision.

Reptil 7th May 2020 11:52 AM

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MPrinsen 24th May 2020 11:19 PM

If you want a minimalistic setup, I’d recommend the MC-707 + TR-8S combo. Both have built in FX per sound and a mixer (the faders), so you don’t need a lot of external gear to make it sound good.

The MC-707 can do drums as well, but the TR-8S gives you hands on control of each drum sound, which is pretty important for me.

You can also sequence the TR-8S with the MC-707, so have all sequencing in 1 box and make use of longer clips etc.

You can also route the audio of the TR-8S into the MC-707 and/or vice versa. You can even route a selection of sounds of the MC-707 to the TR-8S, then apply sidechaining on it (with the kick to trigger it), then route the audio back into the MC-707.

Lots of routing possibilities and all stored per clip (MC) / kit (TR) so really flexible in a live situation, with just 2 boxes.

You can also add a few external synths and use the MC-707 as a sequencer AND mixer if you route the audio into the MC-707. But the MC-707 is capable of great sounds on its own, so you probably don’t even need that.