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Keraton666 1st May 2020 08:49 PM

Master the distortion
hello kieran, thanks for making your experience available here.

How do you handle distortion in your tracks?
You pass a whole drum loop inside a distortion, use a send (but in these cases how do you have separate tracks for the mix), record the elements individually and then arrange them with a sampler (but for what I tried , you will not get the same "breath" effect that you get if distortion is directed across the whole loop)

Thanks in advance

ansome 4th May 2020 12:05 PM

I do a lot of different things, I always have distortion on an aux send, I solo this and make an entierly new mix using the aux sends to where it fully bresaths and pumps, every element fits nicely, maybe an LFO on the volume of the send to get some more movement on some elements, then I mix this back into the track. means I can have a fully nice clean punchy mix and also have full control over this layer. another thing I do is duplicate a track a number of times and apply chains of different distortions and compressor, I will use an LFO and envelope follower to modulate the dry wet of the distortions so they morph into to each other and you get some crazy sounds, also I do the same thing with stereo effects and delays also but super tight ones so the feedback ends up screamings. overall you get some crazy sounds. and the group this with the original and get a nice mix