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Falcon1 29th April 2020 12:35 AM

Building mic collection for church recordings
After I got my Neumann KM-183 which I love btw. my mic budget is empty at the moment so I need to start to save for next buy sometime in the future when I have fully learned on my Neumann pair.

I'm organist and my main recordings will probably always be pipe organ (solo) but I have a small choir which would be fun to record, I also often add another solo instruments (most often trumpet or brass) or voice in the service.

What would be logical next buy to add in my mic collection? I think my Neumann pair will be great foundation to build on. kfhkh

KabbySoundStudio 29th April 2020 07:03 AM

Hi Falcon1,

Schoeps are amazing. Lightweight, easy to place, tons of Schoeps hardware if you need special mounts or capsules. Modular design, tight manufacturing tolerances, sound amazing, not cheap.

I’ve used them with a wide variety of gear and had great results. Presonus recording consoles all the way up to Metric Halo and transformer / tube studio gear. They always sound great, a very solid mic choice for a large variety of instruments.

studer58 29th April 2020 08:15 AM

Not a very GS thing to say, but if you are playing the organ, with choir present and singing, and a solo trumpet ...with a bit of careful placement of all of these additional players, and of the mics in relation to them, it's quite possible that your AB pair of Neumanns can still capture all of this, with no requirement for additional mics !

You think about the total sound in terms of layering and focus: sounds you want in the foreground are closer to the mics, those in the background further away. Locate choir soloists or solo instruments so they have enough presence and clarity, but not so close that they dominate.

A good balance of all these forces is possible if you are able to array the players as you see(hear !) fit....and if it's not a public performance this might be a lot easier to achieve. Only add spots as a last resort....if the above attempt at "mixing via proximity" fails to deliver the desired result

In your scenario above, choir would go in front of the organ, brass behind or to the side of the choir, trumpet perhaps off to one side for clarity and far enough back not to drown out singers, necessary !

As your competency with the AB in that church improves, gradually add musicians....

deedeeyeah 29th April 2020 08:18 AM

maybe add a blm for extended low frequency pick up of the organ - get a pair of directional mics (to keep out some of the room sound) and/or add an m/s pair.

gear/brand doesn't matter much as long as you keep adding professional gear; plenty of choices these days.

Folkie 29th April 2020 05:01 PM

To add flexibility, I would recommend a pair of MKH8040’s. Excellent for choir, instruments, organ. I have used them for all of these.
Plenty of low end ( down to 30Hz).
The Wannamaker organ (largest functioning pipe organ in the world) is recorded with a pair of 4006’s plus 2 pairs
of 8040’s.

David Rick 17th May 2020 10:43 PM

Organic growth of your mic locker
Smart move to start with omni's as an organist. Now get a pair of diffraction spheres for them, and invest in a pair of tall stands and maybe some sand bags for safety.

For your next mic pair, get something more directional. The MKH 8040's mentioned are fine mic at a fair price, but 8050's are available if you need a tighter pattern. Schoeps are great if you can afford them. If you want to stay with Neumann for the sake of sonic consistency, get a KM184 pair.

David L. Rick
Seventh String Recording

hbphotoav 18th May 2020 03:44 PM

I do live sound as well as location recording (used to do three or four multi-day video jobs a year as well) and own 3 dozen or so "working" mics. They all have purpose (and, occasionally, multiple SM57s and 58s are exactly what's needed for the gig) BUT... three pairs would serve adequately for 80% of the location recording work I do... M296 omnis, MKH8040 cards, and a pair of DPA4061. I could be happy with a single case with that complement. But...

You'll likely find that, once bitten... six is never enough...

Are we not... GearSlutz...?